Zend PHP (Topic: The Basics of PHP) Certification Free Practice Test Questions with Answers

BY: TalhaTraining

Quiz Topic Area: Scripting Language

Quiz Description

Zend PHP (Topic: The Basics of PHP) Certification Free Practice Test Questions with Answers

Join Zend PHP Certification (Topic: The Basics of PHP) Mock Test and increase you PHP knowledge to be a Zend Certified Engineer

The Zend PHP certification exam snapshot
• Composed of around 75 randomly generated questions
• Questions vary in their level of difficulty
• Based on PHP (Zend certified engineer)
• Questions will often test more than one concept at a time
• Questions will cover eleven different topic areas
• Allowed 90 minutes in total to answer the questions

The test topics - topic areas from which the questions are derived
1. PHP basics
2. Data formats and types
3. Strings
4. Arrays
5. Input / output
6. Functions
7. Object-oriented programming
8. Databases
9. Security
10. Web features
11. Error handling

Certain topics are given more weight in the certification:
 Highest emphasis
o PHP basics
o Security

 Average emphasis:
o Functions
o Web features
o Arrays
o Strings & patterns

 Lowest emphasis:
o Databases
o Error handling
o Data formats and types
o input / output

PHP Certification: Focus
 Passing the test is based on a breadth of knowledge of these topics.
 Being an expert in only a few topics will not be enough.
 Within a topic, there are particular areas of concentration – these are Listed on the first page of each section
 There is no penalty for getting an answer wrong, you only get Credit for correct answers

Mark questions for review
• You can easily return to questions marked for review before submitting your answers

Emphasis on analysis vs. Memorization
• Generally, the questions will focus more on analysis of code, rather than having you supply memorized elements
• however, you will need to know commonly used code elements, such as common functions, constants, classes, etc.

Assumed environment
 The questions are independent of operating system and specific Databases/ adapters. however, a general understanding of related technologies. Like http or sql is required. example: you should be able to understand the following Query: select * from table where id > 10 order by name
 Questions refer to a virtual php system with the recommended Configuration, including specific error reporting settings:
o error reporting is set to e_all
o errors are displayed (unless otherwise noted)

Test results
 You are immediately notified whether you have passed or not
 If you do not pass, you are given printed feedback on each topic to identify areas requiring additional study, no detailed score given.

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